There have recently been studies and research that show that e-cigarette use has negative impacts on users’ heart health. For example, it has been found that consistent e-cigarette users more frequently showed heart disease risk factors and had an increased risk for heart attacks and strokes. Also, the presence of formaldehyde and acetone-- toxins that affect the heart-- and nicotine in e-cigarettes pose many problems for the heart that may be similar to those caused by regular cigarettes, which also contain these harmful compounds [16].

New research has recently shown that e-cigarettes, like regular cigarettes, may increase the user’s risk of heart disease and heart attacks. A team at George Washington University designed a study using information from the National Health Interview Survey and found that the risk of having myocardial infarction increased by 42% in regular users of e-cigarettes, independent of the increase in risk that would be seen if the user also smoked tobacco cigarettes. All confounding variables were controlled for, so this large increase is likely due to e-cigarette smoking alone. The increase in heart attack risk seen by solely e-cigarette users is comparable to that of a person suffering from diabetes. Also, if the user is both an e-cigarette smoker as well as a tobacco cigarette smoker, the heart attack risk is even greater; the effects of the two are additive. Contrary to popular belief, being a “dual-smoker” is not the same risk-wise as just smoking one of the forms of cigarettes [17].

Evidence also shows that vaping may increase the risk of heart disease, just as tobacco cigarettes do. A recent study highlighted the presence of some serious heart disease risk factors that were largely present in e-cigarette users. For example, it was found that vapers generally had high adrenaline levels in their hearts, which is not only a risk factor for heart disease, but can also cause arrhythmia, sudden death, and heart attacks. Also, increased oxidative stress was found in e-cigarette users, which can cause arteriosclerosis due to changes in blood fats [18].

Aside from causing cardiovascular complications, e-cigarettes are also known to aggravate heart conditions and are thus particularly dangerous for patients that are already suffering from these.

However, many of the cardiovascular impacts of e-cigarette smoking are relatively not well understood, and there is a lot more room for further research, as vaping is a recent and growing trend.